2023SSシーズンカタログ同梱中(数に限りがございます) 税込1万円以上お買上げで国内送料無料 フェローズストア☎03-6303-4933

フェローズ PHERROW'S ハンドニット アランニット ネパール フィッシャーマン ケーブル編み セーター 22W-PNS-CABLE

通常価格 ¥25,300

税込 配送料は購入手続き時に計算されます。


Material: Wool 100%


This low-gauge handmade knit from Nepal is made of thick 100% wool and has been well received in the last AW season.
The knitwear is carefully crafted one by one by skilled Himalayan knitters using traditional patterns and techniques from the northern lands, such as cowichan knit and aran knit.

M: approx. 40cm (shoulder width) approx. 48cm (body width) approx. 63cm (length) approx. 59cm (sleeve length)
L: approx. 42cm (shoulder width) approx. 50cm (body width) approx. 65cm (length) approx. 60cm (sleeve length)

Material: 100% Wool