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フェローズ PHERROW'S ヘリンボーンツイル ワークパンツ ボタンフライ ミリタリー USMC M41 マリンコープ P-41-HBT

通常価格 ¥18,700

税込 配送料は購入手続き時に計算されます。

1940年代にUSマリンコープにて官給されたヘリンボーンツイル素材のユーティリティパンツ通称M-41 HBT(ヘリンボーンツイル)トラウザーズを生地の段階から徹底再現。



Material: Cotton 100 %

The M-41 HBT (Herringbone Twill) Trousers, commonly known as the Herringbone Twill Utility Trousers, which were issued by the US Marine Corps in the 1940s, have been thoroughly reproduced from the fabric stage.
While maintaining the nuances of the original, such as the characteristic button fly, we have modernized the overly rugged straight silhouette into a modern fitting, highlighting its potential as daily wear.
Also, the front buttons, which were lacquered on the original, have been renewed with a new coating that gives a sense of ageing.

W28: approx. 38cm (flat-waist) approx. 28cm (front rise) approx. 85cm (inseam) approx. 28cm (thigh width) approx. 22.5cm (hem width pants)
W30: approx. 40cm (flat-waist) approx. 29cm (front rise) approx. 85cm (inseam) approx. 29.5cm (thigh width) approx. 23cm (hem width pants)
W32: approx. 42cm (flat-waist) approx. 30cm (front rise) approx. 85cm (inseam) approx. 31cm (thigh width) approx. 23.5cm (hem width pants)
W34: approx. 44cm (flat-waist) approx. 31cm (front rise) approx. 85cm (inseam) approx. 32.5cm (thigh width) approx. 24cm (hem width pants)
W36: approx. 46cm (flat-waist) approx. 32cm (front rise) approx. 85cm (inseam) approx. 34cm (thigh width) approx. 24.5cm (hem width pants)

Material: 100% Cotton