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フェローズ PHERROW'S USAF E-1 ラジオベスト ミリタリー タイプライター 22S-P.E-1

通常価格 ¥17,600

税込 配送料は購入手続き時に計算されます。


Material: Cotton 100%


The Radio Vest, commonly known as the Radio Vest, was developed by the USAF in the 1950's and 1960's for aircrew to carry their radios, and has been modified for town use with a unique interpretation.
The outer shell, which was nylon in the official version, is made of cotton typewriter with a crisp feel to add lightness, and the front opening is changed from a zip to a dot button for easy removal.
The stencil-like print on the back and the leather name bar on the left chest leave a good amount of the ruggedness characteristic of military.

M: approx. 46cm (shoulder width) approx. 53cm (body width) approx. 72cm (length)
L: approx. 49cm (shoulder width) approx. 56cm (body width) approx. 75cm (length)
XL: approx. 52cm (shoulder width) approx. 59cm (body width) approx. 78cm (length)
XXL: approx. 55cm (shoulder width) approx. 62cm (body width) approx. 81cm (length)

Material: 100% Cotton